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The All-Russia scientifically-practical conference with the international participation

“Family Reproductive Health in Perinatal Psychology”


St.Petersburg, Russia

May, 23-25, 2012

Promoters of the conference:

Russian Association of Perinatal Psychology & Medicine

International Institute of Psychology and Administration

D.O. Ott Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)

Russian State University for the Humanities

Saint-Petersburg psychological association

Organization Committee:


Ailamazyan E.K., professor, Ph.D., Director of the D.O. Ott Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology (St.Petersburg)

Kovalenko N.P., professor, Ph.D., President of Russian Association of Perinatal Psychology & Medicine (St.Petersburg)


Redko A.A., Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Vysochin Y.V., Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Scientific Committee members:

Zaytzev S.G., Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Pshenko K.A., professor, Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Geydzhan N.F., professor, Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Zhernovaya Y.S., professor, Ph.D. (Ukraine)

Tashaev S.S., Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Fedotova Y.O., Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Nigiar Kamilova, Ph.D. (Azerbaijan)

Komova M.E., Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Gitelson N.A. (St.Petersburg)

Tretjakova I.S., (Latvia)

Shukina E.G., Ph.D. (Arkhangelsk)

Dobryakov I.V., Ph.D. (St.Petersburg)

Razina N.V., Ph.D. (Moscow)

Novikova T.S., Ph.D. (Moscow)

Conference organizing committee:

Fedotova Y.O., Ph.D. (St.Petersburg), Blokh M.E. Velikaya S.B. (St.Petersburg), Shovkoplyas F.G. (St.Petersburg), Chorba E.M. (St.Petersburg), Ryazantzev A.V. (St.Petersburg), Chekomina V.N. (St.Petersburg), Leonova I.V. (St.Petersburg), Efremova O.B. (Novosibirsk), Strelnikov A.G. (Moscow), Fomina G.A. (Ekaterinburg), Razina N.V. (Moscow)

Contact Information:

+7 921 9389265, +7 905 277 53 94, +7 911 7091201

e-mail: chekomina-v@rambler.ru

Conference sections:

Perinatal psychology of parents and child health:

  • organization of family psychological support at the pregnancy and birth period
  • perinatal memory, birth experience and their influence on the human health
  • prevention of child health disorders from the start of perinatal period
  • motherhood and fatherhood psychological problems
  • resource psychotherapy in family consultation – practical experience

Social therapy and reproductive health

  • youth education in the point of reproductive health support and family planning
  • interpretation of family significance in mass media, pop culture and social life
  • social movement organizations for family and reproductive health support
  • appraisal of parents schools and adopted parents experience
  • Family International Academy role in the integrated parents and experts training

Accreditation and reviewing of social and psychological programs of family support arrangement and reproductive health analysis in a specific area or worldwide:

  • open discussions

Conference program:

23.05 Plenary and section sessions. Banquet.

24.05 Section sessions, round table, master classes.

25.05 Recreational, cultural program. Dinner.

Publication requirements:

Publication text has to contain up to 7 pages prepared in MS Word 97/2000 in RTF format, line spacing: 1,5 lines, page size A4, one side printed, font Times New Roman, 14 pt. The margins must be set as follows: top=bottom=left=right=20mm. Summary should take up to 10 lines before the article. Languages are English or Russian. The publication price is 200 roubles per page.

The conference material will be issued in a conference book. Plenary reports summary will be posted at the site of International Institute of Psychology and Administration and Family International Academy, www.mipu.org.ru.

Publications are to be sent on mipu@yandex.ru.

Registration fees:

23.05 Plenary and section sessions – 1000 roubles. Banquet – 1000 roubles.

24.05 Section sessions, round table, master classes - 1000 roubles.

25.05 Recreational, cultural program (St.Petersburg city tour, maternity hospital and perinatal center excursion) – 1000 roubles. Dinner - 2000 roubles.

Organizing committee: Chekomina Viktoria Nikolaevna.

For further information concerning registration fees please contact: +7 905 277 53 94, +7 921 938 92 65, +7 911 709 12 01 or e-mail:chekomina-v@rambler.ru.


For information concerning accommodation and visa issue please contact: +7 905 277 53 94, +7 921 938 92 65, +7 911 709 12 01 or e-mail:chekomina-v@rambler.ru.

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